The essentials of a good tutor

If you have the knack of teaching in you tutoring is a great job to do. You meet and interact with so many students and share your learning and grow along. There is a lot more freedom a tutor enjoys when compared to a teacher in a school or other educational institution in the terms of flexibility, way of teaching, one to one interaction and time. Tutors and students thus share a close bond that reflects its results in their academic performances. With the increasing load of studies as you go higher in schools and colleges it becomes tough to keep up with the pace at school and hence a tutor is needed at many stages of your academic life.

So, how to be a good tutor? It is not rocket science but is just that you need to possess or practice few qualities and follow certain ways and methods to come up as the perfect tutor irrespective of the level of students and the subject you teach.
To start with, the first and foremost quality you need is patience. It is an indispensable trait of a tutor and is very much essential to have effective tutoring sessions. We need to remember that all students are not the same and may even be a bit on the weaker side which is why they need this additional guidance more and thus it is must for you to be patient towards them until and unless they understand the things correctly and comfortably.

Secondly, you should be flexible enough to accommodate different students in a different way. Every individual has their unique way of learning and hence a single method of teaching may not prove effective for all. Hence you need to mould yourself uniquely and constantly improvise and innovate new techniques and perspectives of explaining the same thing to different people. Next, is being a good collaborator, that is, the tutor student relation should work in collaboration and not by supremacy. This is necessary to build a comfort zone to allow the student to grow and have freedom to express himself or herself easily and not hesitate to come up even with the silliest doubt that he or she might have. Queries should always be encouraged as it is always better to ask than to presume and develop a notion right or wrong.

Finally, you should design your tutoring sessions rightly to extract the desired results from them. Make them fun filled and maintain a relaxed environment but at the same time you need to keep the students engrossed and focused on the studies too. Employ all kinds of activities like reading, writing and speaking as that ensures a complete involvement and also benefits in an effective learning. Also, keep a positive approach and teach the student how to learn and never bog him down with tough tasks and strict commands from the start. Further, be fair and honest and open minded for ideas as these things help in developing faith and reliability for the tutor in the students’ mind.