Online Tutoring and Student Happiness

Online tutoring is the tutoring technique, where a student and tutor who are separated by distance come together for a virtual class that are enable thanks to the internet technology. Online Tutoring has the obvious benefits of lower prices due to a wider availability of online tutors and competition among online education centers, ability to learn from the comfort of home and of course not having to physically travel to a tutoring service, which saves a lot of time.  Time so saved, can be invested for more learning or other activities that the student wishes to be part of.

Effectively, online tutoring is beneficial to students. What are the factors that are making students and their parents embrace online education happily?

One to One attention

There is no way a student can get individual attention in regular tutoring. Each teacher is usually tutoring a classroom of 30 or more people. In a classroom environment, some students grab all the attention for good and bad reasons. However some students for reasons ranging from boredom to shyness find themselves ignored. This makes them lose confidence and this only becomes worse for it can lead to demotivation, affecting the child’s ability to learn.

With online tutoring, each student will have an online tutor dedicated to him or her. So, he will get all the focus and attention he deserves. He will feel confident, responded to and all this will lead to him learning better.

Choice of Online Tutor

With regular tutoring, no student is going to get to choose his own tutor. Some students will always find a certain type of tutoring style unable to follow. Such students have no other choice but to force themselves into adjusting the tutor and that is not optimal learning. With online education services, the student can find the online tutor that matches his style. Most online tutoring services will provide for an entire range of online tutors for each subject. Students and their parents can talk to the tutor, find out his style, analyze his communication skills and then zero in on an online tutor.

Online Tutoring and Interactivity

When it comes to building an ecosystem of interactivity, nothing comes close to what an online tutor can do. Since everything happens over the internet the online tutor can be use various aids like related audio clips, online videos, pictures, interactive diagrams, puzzles and even games to put across the subject he is explaining. This entire items combine to convert the online tutoring session into a fun session, something which the student looks forward do. He or she is having fun and learning at the same time.

Schedule Convenience with Online Education

Online tutors provide for tutoring at the time convenient to students and parents. Students, especially younger ones, prefer to do their homework with their mother and father. Online tutoring can provide the flexibility which parents need so that they can fit the online session into their schedule. This makes students and parents happy.