Online Courses and Online Training

The idea of online education was conceived with the popularity of computers and internet during the mid to late 90s and propagated rapidly to become the most preferred way of alternate education nowadays. Online courses and online training is a familiar format to every student and has also gained majority over traditional education at the post secondary and higher levels in USA. The fact that it is equally weighted as compared to a regular course gives it the due importance and throttles its widespread reach and acceptability across the world.

Online education is the transfer, sharing and delivering of information, knowledge on academics or special skills while using the internet and networking as a medium. It’s also called virtual learning as there is no physical presence of any teacher and teaching is provided across distances. This being another massive advantage of online training, that cross country students can also apply for various programs without shifting their base like an Asian student can register for an online course in an American University without having to do much at all.

With the commendable growth in this mode of education it has now acquired a high stake of multi billion dollars as an industry however there are few key factors on which this online education depends and they are content, technology, consulting, services and support. Mostly for online study programs are on a text based, HTML, PDF or PowerPoint format but to give it a more realistic and personalized touch there are many other technologies employed to provide online training and make online courses more interactive and effective in turn. They are virtual classroom or online classroom as you call it and Virtual operating room, Hypertexts, Audio and video based and animated courses and web supported textbooks. Also peer to peer training and the use of social networking sites as a platform to communicate and share information are exercised these days.

The type of education through online courses is referred as asynchronous type, meaning self-paced or self study oriented learning. There is a gap or lack of communication and interaction between student and teacher in this type of teaching. You are provided with all study materials but the subsequent activities that are solving exercises, discussing problems, reviews etc are absent in this form.
Addressing this issue, with more technological advancement online classroom was designed. This is a software used to create and design a virtual classroom where you can replicate the process of an actual lecture as attended in college, as this software enables you to have a tutor and students from your school or others to form a class and also has a whiteboard option helping the teacher to explain it to you and others as well. Online classroom does reduce the communication gap and builds up a nice platform to interact and share ideas leading to a more result oriented study and also a socio-cultural integration between students.

So, if you wish to attend a school college or university far away from your local area but can’t afford a full time regular enrolment, online courses and online training will make that wish come true.